Does your business have monthly prepared Financial reports?   Do you file your PST, GST, WCB, T4s, and other CRA reports on time?   Do have accounting requirements that your office staff are not able to fulfill? 


Marie offers the following services either at your location or in her home office.   Hire me for 5 hours a month or 25 hours a month .   The service is customized to your needs.   


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Bookkeeping / Accounting

Marie provides customized bookkeeping services, on a contractual basis, to business people who feel it is neither practical nor cost effective to maintain these services in-house or manage the books themselves.


You will receive current, accurate financial information on a regular basis.   GST, PST, HST, T4s, and WorkSafe reports are prepared correctly and on time.   



Budgets & Forecasts

You have goals & aspirations for your business.


Budgets & forecasts can keep the business on track and help your business reach each milestone.


Budgets & forecasts provide great decision making tools.   Budget to actual comparatives provide you with a snap shot of where your business is at any one time.


Forecasts allow you to see where the business is financially compared to where you want your busines to be.

Month End

Month end procedures include reviewing entreis for the month to discover and correct inconsistencies or errors.   As well, month end procedures involve reconciling the banks, credit cards,  line of credits, and reviewing the Financial Statements to comparatives and discussing the results.   Variances are then reviewed.​


Issues and large variances are indentified and addressed before they become large problems.   Reconciled books give you increased confidence in your monthly numbers.  

Year End Preparation

Providing up to date, correct year end working papers to your year end accountant, gives your accountant confidence in the numbers they are working with.   This reduces the amount of time that your year end accountant needs to spend to get your books to year end status.   It allows your year end accountant to focus on tax strategies and long term planning.

Special Reporting, ​GST, PST, T4s, T5018s, WorkSafe, CRA

Customized reports and systems can be designed to suit your specific business needs.


Filing GST, PST, T4s, T4As, T5018s, Worksafe and taxes with CRA on time is vital to avoid penalties and to maintain smooth uninterrupted operations.   


If an audit happens, I can work with the auditor to minimize the time and expediate the audit.


Business Coaching

My experience, education, common sense and innovativemeness can be a great asset to your business.   


On a regular basis, we would meet either in person or on the phone to review progress and discuss business events and find solutions, set goals, and make decisions.   


This would all tie in the numbers, as it always does.